Be Careful Out There

27 Oct Be Careful Out There

The folks at FishHunter are appalled to have read the shocking news about the 61-year-old Viktor Liakh who has been banned from fishing for life after violating a court order.

According to Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer Doug Poirier claims that anglers are only legally permitted to cast one line in open waters. This 61-year-old man from Toronto has apparently violated this by-law four times between 2002 and 2009 by casting up to four lines. He was consequently fined $3000 and banned from fishing for five years.

Recently, Viktor Liakh was spotted fishing at the Holland River in Bradford. After checking his counterfeit license (he wasn’t allowed to have a fishing license), it was discovered that Liakh was under a five-year fishing suspension for casting too many lines. Doug Poirier claims that this man can face jail time if he continues to violate fishing laws.

Point of the story? Be careful out there! Check your local fishing laws and make sure to fish legally and responsibly. Don’t get into trouble and happy fishing!