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25 Feb First Catch on FishHunter Photo Contest

First Catch on FishHunter Photo Contest introduces new users to the rapidly expanding fishing community.  It becomes a new member's calling card and makes familiar the concept of downloading, registering and joining a photo contest hosted on a fishing app.  Every four months is a...

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20 Feb What Is A Sonar Transducer?

What is a sonar transducer? No matter what make or model fishfinder you have, there is a sonar transducer at work inside. Regardless of whether you have a new FishHunter fish finder that connects to an iPhone or Android device, or an old-school boat mounted unit, the...

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18 Feb FishHunter Giveaway: More Fish, Less Stress

If you are like most fishermen, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and these super-hyped holiday sale events make your head spin faster than the crazy December weather. If you would like to avoid the crowd as much as possible and but still enjoy the steep discounts,...

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13 Feb Smart Tactics for Shore Fishing

Fishing from shore isn’t quite the same sport as fishing from a boat, but it can be equally rewarding in terms of number of fish caught. Shore bound fisherman lose that classic sense of freedom, and that true feeling of escape that’s associated with going fishing,...

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11 Feb History of Transducers

A transducer is any substance that converts one form of energy into another form of energy. The best transducers are mineral crystals which transmute energy along their elemental atomic lattice. In modern physics and electrical engineering, the term transducer generally means the use of a sensor...

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28 Jan Family with Fishfinder Photo Contest

A family that fishes together stays together, and the family with a portable sonar fishfinder probably catches lots of fish dinners! Family with Fishfinder Photo Contest is a terrific opportunity to rally the troops and show off the day's catches and the high tech device that...

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19 Dec 10 Apps for Nature

Before you drive off into the wild to get away from incoming phone calls and emails, make sure to load your device with these Ten Best Nature Apps so you can properly translate Mother’s Nature’s messages. Who doesn’t want to know the names of the Constellations...

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16 Apr Welcome To The FishHunter Blog!

This is the first and best place to learn about the people, product, places, and recent promotions of FishHunter, the world's first fishfinder app with a military grade sonar attachment for iPhone and Android devices. FishHunter is brought to you by Appetite Lab which is a...

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