3 Hole Ice Fishing Strategy

FishHunter Style

09 Apr 3 Hole Ice Fishing Strategy

Drilling a hole, dropping a line and hoping for the best will catch you some fish, but adopting the three hole FishHunter strategy will significantly improve your chances of landing fish. Let’s assume you’re fishing in a good location, at the right depth and with the appropriate bait for your target species — fish can still be super finicky when it comes to taking the bait. Sometimes a strike is triggered by jigging and sometimes it’s triggered by something a little more static and calm. We’ve figured out a system for you to employ both tactics at the same time. Our suggested strategy suggests you drill 3 holes in a line about 2-4 feet apart from each other.

 1st Hole

Use this hole for your jigging technique. You want to present the fish with action that may trigger a strike. You could also use live bait on this line that will be swimming around attracting fish.

2nd Hole (Middle)

We suggest putting your FishHunter sonar unit in this hole so you can see the action below. Keep your phone handy so you can see when a fish is in the area. Using the sonar unit, you’ll also be able to see what depth you’re fishing at and if there is any structure on the bottom.

3rd Hole

This is your dead-stick or “quiet hole”. We suggest using static bait here, such as a worm, shrimp or a static lure.

This approach is super effective. Whichever direction a fish approaches your set up it will be presented with two options for a strike. It’s kind of like doubling down in Blackjack at the Casino. If you’re fishing with your buddies, you can have multiple set ups like this all with different bait options.