Monster Halibut Caught In Gustavus, Alaska; World Record Or Not?

02 Sep Monster Halibut Caught In Gustavus, Alaska; World Record Or Not?

77 year-old Jack McGuire of Anaheim, California reeled in a 95-inch, 482-pound Halibut while fishing this past Thursday July 3rd, but will this lunker find itself in the annals of time?


Unfortunately for our friend Jack, the International Game Fish Association has ruled this amazing catch invalid for contention of any records.

In the IGFA rules, it is stated that no other tools may be used for a world record catch outside of a fishing rod, a net and a gaffe. This rule was broken when Mr. McGuire used a .401 caliber shotgun to subdue his adversary.

The IGFA rule book also states that a fisherman must do all of the reeling necessary to make the catch on his own. Our friend Jack gave this behemoth a tremendous fight though he had to allow someone to assist him with the reeling after a half-hour of battling.

One can only imagine what Jack could have found if he was using a fishfinder, or if using a fishfinder would have kept him from shooting the marvelous creature.

There may not be a World Record in Mr. McGuire’s future, but I say this is the catch of a lifetime for any angler especially one who is already in his golden years.

Well done Jack McGuire! Our bucket hat is off to you.

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