Top Fishing Resorts in Canada

03 Oct Top Fishing Resorts in Canada

Fishing and resorts go surprisingly well together. After all, we all crave the peace and quiet that come with fishing and staying in resorts. Alas, you can even combine the two activities by going to fishing resorts. Here’s a picking of two great resorts in Canada that we recommend.

1. Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge & Outposts

This Northern Canada fishing resort has been the pride and joy of the Gangler family since settled down in Manitoba 30 years again. Now known

to be Canada’s premier fishing destination, Gangler’s  “pioneered many of the upgrades and innovations now common within the Canadian fishing industry”, most import

You can experience ultimate trophy fishing within an incredible setting of 7200 square miles, what’s not to like?antly, they feel truly blessed to have received thousands of anglers who want to fish with them.

2. April Point Resort & Spa

When dining, spa, fishing go hand in hand in a single resort, you can bet that both you and your wife will have a great time! This BC accommodation is perfect for the outdoor sportsmen, featuring activities such as salmon fishing, wildlife tours, whale watching, sunset cruise, ocean rapids, kayaking and golf. The resort is located right beside Discovery Passage in British Columbia, where salmon are abundant. Need some advice? No problem. Their salmon fishing experts with vast knowledge of the regionand fishing will be available to help you. While you are here, you can even join the local fishing derbies and battle your buddies for bragging rights.

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